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The CPR & AED, First Aid Course teaches rescuers how to effectively recognize and treat adult emergency in the critical first minutes until emergency medical services personal arrive. The course provides a complete health and safety training solution for emergency First Aid. This course is designed for persons in the workplace or community as well as those who want to learn First Aid, CPR and AED skills.
Some rescuers may be required to take this course as part of their employer’s regulations: including corporate safety employees, security guards, airline personnel, lifeguards, school bus drivers, etc.

(4 hrs)
American Heart Association (AHA)

The Heartsaver CPR AED Course is designed to teach the techniques of CPR and choking in adults, children and infants and the use of Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to all lay rescuers, particularly those who are expected to respond to emergencies in their occupation or workplace. The Course is ideal for security personnel, law enforcement officers, firefighters, lifeguards, swimming coaches, health and fitness staff, corporate and retail employees and other lay responders who might be exposed to, or have access to , an AED.

(4 hrs)
American Heart Association (AHA)

The First Aid Course is intended primarily for those who are expected to provide First aid in their workplace. The Course targets all lay responders, such as fire fighters, police, commercial airline crews, security personnel, employees in the workplace, family members of patients at high risk for sudden death, and other laypersons wanting to learn first aid for adults.

It may be the most valuable lesson a student can learn: How to save the life of a loved one, teacher, or friend by performing the simple steps of CPR.
CPR can make the difference between the life and death of a loved one. It can double or triple a cardiac arrest victim’s chance of survival

The American Heart Association’s Heart saver CPR in Schools Course is designed to teach middle and high school students the lifesaving skills of CPR, how to relieve choking, and how to use an AED (automated external defibrillator).

While Heartsaver CPR in Schools is one of several options schools can use to provide CPR training to their students, it is the only course that offers a credential or course completion card upon successful completion.

Advanced First Aid is a course designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills required to provide and coordinate first aid at an emergency incident perform resuscitation if required and manage injury or illness till medical help arrives.
Course outcomes
At the end of the training, delegates should be able to:
1. Identify hazards to health and safety of self and others
2.  Minimize immediate risk to health and safety of self, casualty and others by isolating any hazards
3.  Assess vital signs of casualty
4.  Position an unconscious, breathing casualty in an appropriate position
5.  Recognize the need for CPR
6.  Perform CPR
7.  Demonstrate the process of defibrillation by using an AED
8.  Apply basic first aid
9.  Communicate details of incident
10.  Uses infection control when managing casualty.
11.  Control bleeding quickly and effectively
12.  Recognize and treat shock
13.  Recognize and treat choking
14.  Recognize and provide emergency treatment for medical emergencies such as asthma, diabetes, seizures and anaphylaxis
15.  Provide first aid for burn
16.  Recognize and provide first aid for exposure to harsh climatic conditions
17.  Identify when moving a casualty may be considered
18.  Demonstrate prioritizing and treating multiple casualties
19.  Identify precautions that can minimize the risk of accidents involving drugs

The American Heart Association’s Family & Friends Course is designed to teach family members & nanny’s, nursery’s and kindergartens’ staff  how to Deal With Children in All ages & Child Safety How to relieve choking for child and infant, and provide a first Aid at home in different cases.


Heartsaver Bloodborne Pathogens is one of the American Heart Association’s newest Heartsaver course. Participants learn how  to protect themselves from bloodborne pathogens in the workplace, how to act when exposed to blood or blood-containing materials in the workplace, how to use the right steps to clean themselves and the area when exposed to blood or blood-containing materials in the workplace, how to report any exposure to blood or blood-containing materials in the workplace. The course covers the general OSHA Standard for first-time or renewal bloodborne pathogens training for anyone with a reasonable chance for occupational exposure to blood or blood containing materials. A course completion card is included with the workbook. The Heartsaver Bloodborne Pathogens Course is designed to meet OSHA requirements when paired with site-specific bloodborne pathogens training.

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